Your Permission Slip has been Mailed!

Oprah has given you 1 whole week to get your life together to be on her Super Soul Sunday!

Would You Be Ready?

Is Your mind stuck in the 90's? Is this year starting to feel exactly like last year?

A Challenge will make YOU take action to Shift into the 21st Century!

My passion has been to find a true meaning in life that I love.

Which makes me wanting to share this excitement like my hair is on fire.

Everyone is different there is no right way to wellness. The Way is to learn what is best for you!!

A Diet book doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t believe in diets I believe in Loving You in your skin!!

Refocusing your energy to goals of success toward your Best health.

Giving people the advice and personal strength to get through their busy life by clearing up the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Start connecting the dots to a life of Wellness & Energy!

Challenge 1-7

21 days of taking Action
21 days of Awareness
21 days of Gratitude
21 days Breathing & Meditation
21 days of Honesty
21 days to Productive Living
21 day of Visual Creation

Phases 1-6

21 day of Detoxing
21 days of Rainbows (fruits & veggies)
21 days of Concentration & Stretching
21 days of Nature (10 min. a day)
21 days to lead your team with active work lifestyle
21 days of Money Mindfulness

#GoddessUnleashed #IamWorthIt #IwillSurvive 


When it comes to living a balanced lifestyle, it’s more than what you eat & how you exercise. One very important factor that we don’t hear about enough is how you manage stress and emotional well-being. WHAT  are you thinking about when eating food that you’re engulfing every day?

Would you put water in your gas tank? No Then, why are you putting convenient foods in the only vehicle you have that is priceless to Being your Best.

Health & Yoga consulting guides you through the necessary steps to finding your true self. If you have any feelings of emptiness or a void in life then you’ve lost the gift you were born with and it’s time to get it back.

Has anyone every truly taught us how to be healthy?

How are you taking care of you and your family?

How would you like to feel at work and at home?

Do you feel stressed during your day?

What is your biggest health concern today?

What are your three H words that should first determine a Positive Day?


Health, Hope, Happiness are mine!!!!

Story Time

A husband asked his wife why she cut the ends off the ham before frying it up and she answered that is was because her mother did it. Curious, he then asked her mother the same question and she also said that she did it because her mother did it. Curious again, he asked his wife’s grandma why she cut the ends off the ham before frying it up and she said it was because her pan was too small.So I ask you where your story has come from?

Are You Ready to change your blueprint now!!


21st Century Wellness Blueprint for a on the go lifestyle for a Modern you!

How can you create more energy while loving who you are with the flaws & perfection?

Quick Homework* Does Food Matter? Answer the questions!

Do you know what you are eating?

How much money do you spend on food?

Does your food choices give you energy or make you tired?

How can you build a wellness map for your lifestyle?

Food Blueprint: We all were given a verbal blueprint on how to eat  when we were young.

Does this sound familiar – “eat all your food, can’t leave the table until you’re done, don’t waste any of your food, if you don’t eat you go to bed hungry.”

Were you forced to eat veggies  and other food you hated? How Did that make You Feel?

Action step 1

Write down what you heard about food growing up. What emotions did you associate with food?

Action step 2

Write out what habits in your old blueprint have been stopping you from breaking free to a healthier you.

Action step 3

Write down why you want to realize who you really are and break free from the  blueprint placed upon you and what choice’s you’re going to make now to fix this habit.

Action Step 4

Write down how you are the healthiest person you know and how you will make a choice to nourish your body the vehicle. Vision yourself at the happiest weight in your life.

Everyone is different there and is no right way to wellness, in fact the only way is to learn what is best for you!!


Start connecting the dots to a life of Wellness & Energy!

Stop Wasting time you can’t get back!

1 Hour Private Custom Holistic Consultation – $197 

3 Month sessions $599

6 Month sessions $1299

12 Month sessions $2499

Holistic and Yoga Blueprint Packages

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