Are U Ready to be Honest & Own your Future?

Are U Ready to Claim your gift to the world?

Are U Ready to Erase the blueprint others have created for you and create your own Breathtaking Day?

Are U Ready to Choose a new 21 Century Blueprint to guide you into living on purpose in this Modern Century?

Your Inner Game Transforms Your Outer GAIN
**The Blueprint Goddess**

Are U ready to unleash that Goddess?

The Authentic Blueprint 

I have been on this journey myself many times and trust me, the roller coaster never stops.

Our soul is a powerful energy source that seeks guidance and unity. Sometimes our true calling is right in front of our eyes and all we need is an eye opening experience to push us in the right direction.

A relationship with your true-self or the inner core values (inner voice) is not compared to a life of the everyday normal living. The people that listen to their inner voice often notice that they’ve created a life of Awareness, Mindfulness Abundance, and Genuine worth.

My Mantra growing up

**There has to be something better**

Growing up in a life of coming home when the street lights came on is familiar to many people. A life of little parental supervision and setting your own boundaries can make your mind become completely overwhelmed. During my younger years I was allowed to form common sense and learn how to think for myself. This made me know how to live in the skin I’m in… but knowing deep down inside that you don’t belong here and feeling a sense of there has to be something better in this big world is an inner voice of guidance.

We have a desire to our inner power or soul strength that completes this journey on Earth. One day it hits you like a rock ‘Wake Up’ and forces you to realize your life can be so much better.


I Give you Permission to Breath! TO TRULY TAKE ACTION!!

Once I found out that I could create my destiny, I knew it was time to shine my light. The funny thing is I hated reading and was the worst at writing essay’s in school, but I found myself one day at the bookstore looking for a job after raising my son. I fell in love with the simplest things, a book full of words. Can you believe it? First I was reading books about vamps and werewolves, then health, romance and eventually, and saving the best for last personal self-help. It took me forever to realize that if I wanted to do something I should just go for it, that I should just take action, but eventually I did and I still am taking action to this day.

Get to Know ME!

Let’s Rewind a few years Ago!

 I’m working hard as an entrepreneur when stress almost took my life away leaving me at an unhealthily 110 pounds. **This was the beginning on How a Panic Attack saved my Life** Stress was a common thief!!!!  It works by creating, disease, bad habits, and addictive behavior in my life. Stress will release an emotion that embeds into your daily habits until you think you can’t live without the emotional high.

I have been a entrepreneur 💋💋for 20 years I know what it feels like having to create your wealth! But I also knew that your health & inner strength matter more in this adventure of self mastery! Being a entrepreneur is all about Self: Mastery, Discipline, Awareness, Confidence, And Worth etc. You have to believe then apply the gift to create the Magic!

In between the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda”, I became a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, owned a MMA Promotion Business in Atlantic City with my husband (the last one was the stress factor). Being the Founder Down Dog Wellness was to create a bridge between work stress and life, enlightening awareness daily.

 (Love, Fun, Health,Wealth, Joy, and your True-Self Blueprint)

Now I’m back to square one creating a Wellness Consulting & Online Digital Wellness Consulting .

Everything you buy are just items, things, stuff, and junk, to be carted off to trash or yard sale later. We love our material treasures, (don’t we all!).

Ask yourself, do you love yourself???

When you die, it’s just you the skin & bones you came into the world with and the endless Spirit. Sure material things can make you happy for a moment, but then later you’re left still desiring something whether it be sex, drugs, or beverages like coffee, soda and alcohol (all addictive by the way!) to give you a high or a sense of release.

One day while taking my yoga training course I said to myself, this could be it. Believe me I’m always up for a challenge and it wasn’t easy, but yoga was the life change I needed. I needed a lid to finally seal this empty black pit of selflessness. The bandage for the cut that was bleeding my soul dry!

My passion had finally fallen out of the sky and smacked me in the face hard!

Sometimes life lessons are right in your face waiting to happen to you if you just surrender to the call.

So, you may ask what brought my sexy back at 39 – Complete Joy!!! Yoga has given me the joy and passion to tell people how amazing I feel after I’m done. That alone is priceless!!!

I started to look at life as a joy not a burden anymore. I craved to live the best life ever. You will always have the ups & downs of a roller-coaster ride in life as a entrepreneur but you’ve got to jump back on the ride for better or worse.

Hopefully you choose to rise to the top

 for a Mesmerizing life.

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