How do you start your 24 hours each day?

What is the first thought you have when you wake up?

Do you ever feel stuck during your 24 hours?

Have you ever thought of changing the world with your service or talent?

What are you living your life for?

What ABC’s Blueprint describes your life? (pick the 3 words that best suit you)

How many home cooked meals do you eat a week? (made by you or someone you love)

How many times do you feel Happy, Loved, Sexy, or Passionate in a day?

What area of your life do you feel overwhelmed in?

What Secret do you wish to release now to feel an uplift in Spirit?

What did you learn from your parents or guardians about how to eat?

How do you feel at the Beginning & End of your day?

When you are hungry what do you grab first?

Where do you spend the most money on food?

What mindset shift do you need to Master your 24 hrs?

What is the first thing you think about when you are Hungry?

Bonus question: What is your Main Character Value in your 24 hr day?