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Navigate back to being a Goddess!

LOP* Live on purpose

A Blueprint designed to Model & Clarify your life and maximize your energy so you can Unleash the Goddess  !

LOP** Love On Purpose

The Blueprint map is to help you find true love IN YOUR SKIN by loving U first!

LOP*** Laugh On Purpose

A Bold Blueprint establishes a level of happiness, and authentic bliss in every 24 hrs.

Creating Inner Strength

The Essential Blueprint for survival in this fast paced world of distractions.


Decision: Who’s Blueprint Are you Living?


Ask yourself am I Happy with what I created in my Day?

Everyone has the same gift of choosing a New 24 hrs!

<Living Honestly in Goddess Power>

First Practical Clarity

Second Captivating Commitment

Third Fascinating Inner Power

Fourth Legendary Motivation

Fifth Explosive Energy

Sixth Spell-Binding Habits

Seventh Undeniable Gratitude


Blueprint: is a toolkit to model. So YOU can get out of your head and into your heart for the best life ever!

***Self-love, Self-awareness, Self-Discipline 3 words to create a bold, energized, happy You***

Your Permission Slip for a magnetic 24 hrs. of Passion, Love, Inner Strength, Super Power,
Happiness, Confidence, and Self –Worth Has just arrived!

“Everyone has the same 24 hours”


Oprah Just called You,

YOU have one week to be interviewed on her show about Living your Dreams & Mastering your Day!


How much can you get done in one week? 

What is your first Action step?…….

How fast are you getting all your unfinished tasks, decisions, and game changing project done for the show?


Are U Ready to Create a Jaw-Dropping Existence Daily?


Let’s get Down & Dirty Daily to unleash the Power of Speaking your Truth….


If there is anything I do better than ANYONE, it is intuitively discovering exactly where you are struggling in this moment and the ability to give you exact tools you need to cure it.


I help Heart-Centered Female Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Elite, Top Fortune 500 Companies  and Start-ups on how to unearth their gifts, destroy past negative beliefs and sashay into each day. Propelling them one step closer to the life they hold space for in their mind. The life they see in magazines. The life they were quite literally, destined to live.


My Commitment to my Society..


I am Leading Millions of Mentors, Heart-Centered Female Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Elite, Top Fortune 500 Companies and Start-ups to the Highest version of their self..

I am committed to building millions of thought leaders worldwide..

I do inspire my community to take daily action to produce spell-binding results

I do encourage them to stand up for their brand and the way they want to serve the world

I am encouraged to keep them on the path of laser focus & Alignment.

I do fight for their inner gift for the ability to be brave, confidence, encouraged, unbreakable, spell-binding, faithful, and Be the Elite Version every Day

I am the best at ditching the trash talking out of my groups minds & into the world with wings to fly away forever

I Do command a top of the line performance, daily from my society that want this existence of being a legend

I am Disciplined in the fact that my society is supported, Inspired, to#Mentor4Millions every 24 hrs..


Be the Elite Version every Day


My Society loves the Red Carpet treatment.

“” Has been ready to extend their wisdom to millions

“” Loves being surrounded around the top leaders in the industry.

“”Needs the support to keep them grounded & focused on walking out of their homemade quicksand

“” Desires to become the next leader online & in Media to fill the gaps in the Holistic space

“”Loves to Level Up Live daily to share the message Loud & clear

“” Are loving the Elite features & options in the membership site to help grow their brand with out hassle

“” Are overjoyed at the templates to move them into the 21st century

“” Is craving for more done for you Blueprint’s to make the 24 hrs breeze by on a whim..


You may have thought where do I start..


I thought that also..

You may absorb, read, watch until your mind is ready to know you have all the knowledge to begin..


So why haven’t you started?

Did you make space in your mind for the new version of yourself??


The Key is to test & create what gives you excitement, because you deserve it..

I challenge you to take the first step..

Be Disciplined

Be Outstanding

Be Inspired

Be Empowered

Be Whole





Kerry Morgan

The Blueprint Goddess


Daily Enhancement of Growth, Mindset, Focus and Awareness. She is the founder of 21st Century Blueprint, the modern way to Daily Self- Mastery & Wealth within your 24 hrs in this impracticable world filled with distractions.  She has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, within the Poultry Industry, Owned a MMA League in the top Casino’s in NJ.. Now, Building a Epic Virtual Empire to guide Wellness Female’s into their Power with a Digital Strategic Blueprints.
PS. I walk the walk…

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Let me know if you want to get in on the online game….

Lets Win right now at this moment…

Let’s Claim our Power…

Get into the Game & out of your head….


Goddess Giveaways

“The Coffee Chat Blueprint”


I met Kerry and she infused me with a few simple steps to get my on line webinar rolling. I left the meeting feeling inspired and took immediate action which resulted in $1,000 monthly from a client.  Woo Hoo! Thanks Kerry!

Keynote Speaker | Speaking & Sales Trainer | Writer | #1 Best Selling Author

* Studied Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming








“I’m so excited to be able to listen daily with this online course.”

Kerry has helped me become healthy by lifting me up emotionally, and teaching me to READ the labels the extra awareness has transformed my worth. Every-time I grab something unhealthy, I hear her sweet voice saying remember 80/20.  Awareness & mindfulness tuned up with my alignment.


Kelly Miller Beach Body Coach & 5th grade Teacher






Loving the Online Course & Private FaceBook Group, 

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A Yogi is the Best when it comes to helping you overcome your fears. Being able to have a monthly private site with like minded members. Thinking Big is not luck, you take consistent action steps to build an unstoppable mindset. 



Becca Tebon, Founder  & CEO of Diva Glamping 360

The Blueprint Goddess is here to guide YOU to Unleash your Inner Goddess!

Ask yourself these questions below:

Have you really made any changes to see a shift in your 24 hrs?

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, with getting through your day?